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ul. Mieszka I 81
71-011 Szczecin
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ul. Hangarowa 13
70-767 Szczecin
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Meble Krysiak – Furniture store in Szczecin

In the capital of West Pomerania, we invite you to our two partner salons:

DUO – ul. Mieszka I 81 (access by the road towards the center)

TOP SHOPPING CENTRUM MEBLOWE, GOTTI furniture showrooms – ul. Hangarowa 13 (the largest furniture center in Szczecin)


In the eyes of many people, furniture becomes really noteworthy when they combine a beautiful form with functionality. That is why it is worth getting to know the Krysiak furniture collections, look at beautiful details and feel a friendly aura of natural wood. With us you furnish a living room, bedroom, office or hallway.


Inne salony z meblami Krysiak w województwie


high -class design

We offer various collections, including: Provencal style furniture, minimalist and modern style furniture, rustic furniture, as well as aged furniture (white and oak).

The original design is our advantage. Our collections are characterized by elegant lines, perfectly selected proportions and functionality at the highest level.

Each collection is developed by our own team of experienced and creative designers. They can listen to customer expectations. They are inspired by classic proportions and elegant lines, also ensuring that our furniture is very practical also in everyday use. We regularly introduce new products to the offer, including completely new collections.


Craft plus technology is the highest quality

Our furniture convinces elaborately, with craft profit and precision made with details, such as cutters, cutouts, grooves or oval shapes. They are refined to the smallest details, show the authentic beauty of natural wood. Thanks to this, they not only stand out in terms of aesthetics, but also have a friendly charm.

We successfully combine advanced woodworking technologies with a craft approach and values. We only use the highest class materials. We only use organic waxes, stains, oils and varnishes to finish furniture. We choose the most durable and already well checked materials.

We have consistently developed a high standard of production, thanks to which we can offer our clients beautiful, healthy and extremely long furniture. We are convinced that with proper care and maintenance they will serve wonderfully, enjoy the household and attract the attention of guests for many years.


Choose furniture for your interiors

You will find furniture for various rooms – dining room furniture, bedroom furniture, hall furniture or cabinet furniture.

In our offer you will choose furniture such as comfortable bedroom beds, comfortable dining room chairs, various types of benches, a wardrobe for the hallway, wardrobes for the living room, a bedroom chest of drawers (and various types of dressers also for other rooms), functional hallway hanger, desk Cabinet, bedside table, an elegant coffee table (round or rectangular), as well as a winemaker, a library, a RTV cabinet, a mirror or a hanging shelf. We also offer furniture with sites, including with illuminated sites.


A wide selection of sizes and furniture variants

We offer furniture models in various sizes and variants. For example, our wardrobes have a modular structure. This means that yourself, according to your needs and preferences, you will choose the number and type of door leaf, from one to six segments (their system is free).

Another example is the dining room tables, i.e. furniture necessary in every home. We offer various types: from compact to the impressive size of perfect tables for feast and large family meetings. In this last category, we also offer fold -out tables, with comfortable, proven butterfly inserts.

The choice among our collections is very rich! This will be pleased not only by people furnishing their home quite from scratch, but everyone who cares about obtaining a coherent arrangement in the interior.


Interesting palette of coloring

We are aware that well -chosen colors create a friendly atmosphere in the interior. Our offer includes colors such as, for example: ancient oak, amber, natural oil or white furniture. In addition, we use a specialized aging technique, thanks to which we can also offer white aged furniture and aged oak color.


Choose a healthy atmosphere

Why is it worth choosing wooden furniture? First of all, because it is a friendly material, immediately associated with the house, widely liked, as well as a healthy and introducing good atmosphere into the interior. All this means that wood is consistently very popular. Importantly, well -designed and perfectly made wood furniture does not give in to any mods and have a timeless character!


Meet Krysiak furniture

We have been producing furniture since 1990, remaining a Polish family company. In the first place we consistently put our own design and the highest quality of workmanship. We are glad that we are constantly gaining trust and recognition of new customers.


Read the offer of Krysiak furniture in Szczecin. Visit our partner stores. We cordially invite you!