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Meble Krysiak. Manufacturer of high quality wood furniture since 1990

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Discover Meble Krysiak’s style and quality

By choosing furniture from our collections, you will arrange a dining room or living room, a bedroom, as well as a office or a hall.

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What furniture can you find in our offer? 

For example, you will choose a large, fold -out dining table, together with a set of stylish chairs, bedroom wardrobes (with the possibility of individual selection of the system and types of door wings), a comfortable bedroom bed, dressers of various sizes and for different rooms, office desk, pleasant desk Coffee table, various types of benches or bedside tables. You will also find a library, a wine bar or a RTV cabinet. Our collections also contain furniture with illuminated sites. So the choice is really rich!

We also offer an interesting palette of coloring (available depending on the collection). These are, among others Ancient oak, aged oak, natural oil, amber, white furniture or aged white furniture (we use innovative furniture aging technique). A very wide range of furniture models and variants means that you easily furnish the interior according to your own needs and an idea for arrangement.


He convinces high quality

Our furniture is made with extraordinary accuracy and stand out with precisely refined details. We successfully combine traditional, top -class craftsmanship with advanced woodworking technologies.

For furniture production, we only use the highest quality wood, guaranteeing excellent properties and durability. We can display and consolidate the real charm of natural wood. High production standards, masterful finish and precious material make each of our furniture unique in terms of the structure and appearance of the surface. We only use organic waxes, stains, oils and varnishes to finish furniture. We choose the most solid and well -checked materials.

We are glad that we can offer our clients beautiful and extremely long -lived furniture. With proper care and maintenance, they will serve great for many years, enjoying the household and attracting the attention of guests.


Original design is our advantage

We offer classic furniture, rustic furniture, Provencal style furniture or modern furniture. Our collections are characterized by elegant lines, perfectly selected proportions and functionality at the highest level.

Each collection is developed by our own team of experienced and creative designers. They can listen to customer expectations. We are constantly introducing new collections to the offer.


Choose wood furniture, i.e. a healthy climate

Wood is a natural and friendly material, it is immediately associated with the house, is widely liked, as well as healthy and introduces a good atmosphere. In interiors furnished with well -designed and made furniture, you just want to stay and live.


Read the Krysiak furniture offer and choose stylish dining room furniture, bedroom furniture, cabinet furniture or hall furniture. Visit our partner furniture salon in Konin!