About us

We are inspired by
the beauty of nature.

Our strength comes from respect for people and the world around us, which we are discovering with unflagging fascination. We would like to share with you what is best in us.

The Krysiak brand

Krysiak Furniture is a family business with a long tradition, which was founded in 1990. Since the beginning we have adopted the highest standards of production and a creative attitude of searching for the best design solutions.

Thanks to investment in modern technologies and the continued build-up of knowledge, the company has quickly achieved a strong market position. Dynamic development, combined with the continuing concern about high quality means we are constantly expanding our network of cooperation, attracting new partners throughout the world.


The experience of durable
and beautiful furniture

Well-designed furniture is a combination of aesthetics, comfort and functionality.

Wood is the beginning

With an experienced design team, we can offer unique furniture, meeting the needs and expectations of the Recipients. Taking care of the smallest detail, creating stylish, carefully refined collections.

We use the best, specially selected wood and natural veneer for the production of our furniture. To ensure quality, we control the entire production process. The combination of high-tech woodworking skills and commitment to the best craftsmen give unique results. In producing furniture for wide audience, we keep the uniqueness of the individual units.

Quality of the environment - quality of furniture

Caring for the natural environment and the health of our customers and employees, during woodworking we use only organic waxes, stains, oils and varnishes.

The growing network of cooperation with numerous partners is acknowledgment of our quality. We are proud to share the joy and satisfaction of our satisfied customers.


When planning future collections we always consider collaborating with Meble Krysiak as it is one trustworthy partner with great skills and knowledge providing a modernly equipped factory. The firm Meble Krysiak is absolutely worth recommending.

Pamela Andersson-Svala, Purchaser at Torkelson Möbel AB See the full reference

The painting process ran smoothly and was undertaken in a short time, despite the size of  the investment. Products are characterized by
unique design and high quality. We provide our references to Meble Krysiak.

Mgr Leszek Haratyk, NZOZ Pomorskie Centrum Rehabilitacji, Zdrowia i Urody "Panorama Moraska" in JarosŇāawiec See the full reference

One of the main reasons when choosing this manufacturer was competitive prices but also the big potential of the company, it’s experiance and knowledge of the market as well as the good opinion it enjoyed on the furniture market.

Anna Servin, Bitc Möbel AB See the full reference

In cooperation with Meble Krysiak we have carried out, among others, fittings for Hotel Marriot Court Yard in Warsaw and many others. Products were characterized by high quality, and delivery was completed on time.

Jerzy L. Kwiatkowski, DFP DESIGN sp. z o.o. See the full reference