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We invite you to our company salon in Strzałków.
We present a full offer of Krysiak furniture for you.
You can also buy leisure of leading brands and mattresses in the living room.

Specially selected wood species are the basis of the furniture collection we create. We approach each of the projects with incredible care, wanting to provide customers with products that are distinguished by the perfection of performance noticeable in every, smallest detail. Visit our furniture salon in Radomsko and learn about the suggestions to change your interior.

Our inspiration is the beauty of nature. It is from it that we draw the best and unique. In the Krysiak furniture collection you will find the craftsmanship of the execution, whose fruit is functional, comfortable and unique in their style products tailored to modern trends in interior architecture.

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The nobility of wood is unique and unique. That is why one -of -a -kind copies go to the hands of our recipients. During the implementation of each project, we retain the features of wood – its grain, discoloration and cracks – to stop their naturalness in each collection coming out of our studio.

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Each collection is characterized by typical features. Moreno is a combination of wooden veneers and solid wood elements perfectly matching with glass sites and shelves and aluminum details. A discreet, point light mounted inside the cabinets will additionally bring an aura of intimacy to the room. On the one hand, Moreno is a return to the style of the last century, and on the other, one cannot resist the impression that the collection successfully breaks the trends and fits into a completely new, fresh and timeless style.

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Selene is a show of the craftsmanship of carpentry craftsmen and the use of each copy available in this collection to the maximum. The furniture is characterized by quite expressive geometric cutouts in the front part. The delicate, pleasant surface of each product is the result of properly selected tools and woodworking technologies. The collection is distinguished by subtle design and lack of additions in the form of handles – places where they usually occur have been replaced with grooves.

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Subimized design and an endless style are the domain of the collections available in the Krysiak furniture offer. Do you want to know the prices of our products? Contact us and ask for a quote – the cost of each copy depends, among others from the wood species used during production and from its processing technology. Like ourFacebook page and get to know our news. Ask about the availability of the collection in your choice furniture showrooms.

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Krysiak furniture is a furniture manufacturer, whose projects combine naturalness and a timeless character. Created with respect for nature, they are an indispensable element of those spaces that need harmony. The natural, warm color of wood will bring peace to the interior and create a cozy atmosphere, soothing your senses. Familiarize yourself with the suggestions and visit the company furniture showroom in Radomsko – see where you will find ours partner furniture stores.

Are you looking for inspiration? Call or write and learn more about individual collections. Feel the closeness of nature in your own home. Find harmony thanks to furniture made of natural wood.