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Meble Krysiak Salon meblowy Jelenia Góra

We invite you to our company salon in Jelenia Góra.
We present a full offer of Meble Krysiak for you.

Meble Jelenia Góra Salon Meble Krysiak

Meble Krysiak gallery offers the following product groups:

  • Leisure furniture
  • box furniture
  • Hotel furniture
  • Office furniture
  • Kitchen furniture with household appliances
  • Built -in furniture
  • Children’s and youth furniture
  • Pine furniture
  • Tables and chairs
  • Beds and mattresses
Salon meblowy Jelenia Góra Meble Krysiak

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The gallery also conducts service activities in the field of arrangement, measurement and assembly of custom -made furniture, in accordance with the customer’s recommendations. Services of this type most often relate to kitchen furniture and building furniture, e.g. recessed cabinets. We also provide home furniture delivery services.

The gallery also deals with comprehensive equipment for public facilities. We offer furniture for hotels, schools, conference centers, libraries, hospitals, etc.

Salon Jelenia Góra

Products that we put in your hands are years of experience, care for details and the highest quality and love for nature. Only from true love and passion can unique wooden furniture be created. Visiting one of our showrooms in Jelenia Góra, you will approach not only natural beauty, but you will also have the chance to introduce it to your home or apartment. Thanks to collections in a rustic, loft, Provencal style you can easily match Krysiak furniture to the interior, where you stay every day.

Jelenia Góra salon

Jelenia Góra furniture store – equipment inspired by nature

Our collections are created for even the most demanding recipients. Specially selected natural veneers and wood and care for every smallest detail allow you to meet high requirements and expectations. At every stage of the creation of our furniture, we control the production process, offering carefully refined collections in which you will find, among others beds, chairs, tables, sites, chest of drawers and many other products.

Salon meblowy Jelenia Góra

Furniture Jelenia Góra – Collections of the manufacturer Krysiak

Atelie − This collection will introduce incredible heat to your home. The furniture is made of natural oak veneer, and oak wood elements have been used. The traditional form using sophisticated accessories means that wherever this furniture stands, a cozy atmosphere is created;

Chantal − Furniture from this collection is solid oak wood in all its glory. Not a very complicated design and delicate aluminum frames that harmonize with handles, give this collection character;

Romantica − Solid pine wood and natural oak veneer form this light and solid structure. The effect of aging wood adds charm;

Selene − This is a solution for those who love minimalist forms. This is the Selene collection – simple, and at the same time noble, thanks to the use of natural oak wood;

Moreno − This collection is a combination of wooden veneers with elements of solid wood. Enriched with details in the form of brown aluminum frames and handles, it becomes a timeless choice;

Provance − Furniture made of pine wood and subjected to special wood aging technology, will introduce a breeze of the Mediterranean climate into your interiors;

Sangero − The combination of traditional solid wood and ceramic decor makes this collection unique;

Loft − The quintessence of the loft style enclosed in geometric blocks made entirely of natural pieces of wood, based on a metal base.

Jelenia Góra salon meblowy

How much does natural beauty cost? Jelenia Góra furniture

The price of our products is determined by the type of wood used for their production and the technique of its processing. In order to learn the exact costs, please contact us or visit our company furniture showrooms (Jelenia Góra, Katowice, Radomsko) or Partner stores ( Białystok, Bydgoszcz, Warszawa, Poznań, Wrocław, Gdańsk, Gdynia, Lublin).

Jelenia Góra meble

To create unique interiors, visit our furniture salon – Jelenia Góra

Naturally beautiful, solid, durable and practical – this is the furniture of Krysiak. At every stage of their production, we make every effort to bring out the best out of wood. Wooden furniture, if they are properly nurtured, will stay with you for many years, enjoying not only the eye, but also helping to organize the space around. A wide range allows you to match the furniture to any interior regardless of whether your apartment is decorated in a loft, Provencal, Scandinavian, industrial or glamor style. Follow our offer exactly, because we regularly introduce new products in the form of individual furniture, as well as entire collections. Take care of the space around you and fill it with a unique design and a solid construction. To do this, visit our furniture salon in Jelenia Góra.