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A collection combining the features of a classic style of oak furniture with modern simplicity and varnished furniture colors.

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Loft - the collection perfectly meets the assumptions of the loft style. The combination of geometric forms of solids made entirely of natural pieces of wood with a metal base creates the quintessence of the loft style.

The natural features of wood-cracked, knots and hypertrophy were extracted by oxidizing the surface, thus obtaining a raw, natural effect. Black aluminum frames filled with a mesh of the same color and simple, metal handles, also in black, are an effective and unusual decoration of the loft interior. The climate is complemented by a warm light contrasting with material rawness.

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Unprecedented harmony of materials.

Sangero is a collection that breaks the beaten patterns with its aesthetics and a high standard of performance. The innovative combination of solid oak wood with ceramic decor used in the collection gives the furniture a unique look. The elegant contrast of the dark decor and warm wood was emphasized by the precise performance of furniture. The characteristic slants and divisions of furniture lumps give the collection a modern style – high -quality glass frames of fronts and handles add the right style.

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Noble material dressed in a modern form.

For the love of nature and its diversity. For the love of nature and its diversity. The Moreno Corexia was created using unique veneer, handmade, originating from old oak trees growing in a unique high -mountain microclimate. Treeing trees of several dozen years show traces of passing time – cracks, hypertrophy, discoloration, knots – thanks to which they create unique designs and emphasize the natural nature of the collection.

Collection details
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